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A Dynamic Aviation Team With a Fresh and Distinctive Approach

The Aviation Industry is by necessity a specialist market place, focused, lean, and generally resource limited. Therefore to undertake any non core-business activities, i.e. expansion or a specialist project, without depleting the functional capacity and efficiency of the business, a solution is needed.

A cost effective solution to any organisation is to outsource specific specialist activity, since this effectively avoids the core Senior Management and their support team from being distracted from their prime tasks of managing their business units. Outsourcing additionally generates lower disbursement and reduced cost incurrence as the assigned roles generated during any phase of a new project are not a permanent feature to employer headcount and budgets.

The CAVU Services Team form a dynamic Customer Service orientated unit that focuses upon the needs of the customer. Their self motivation, drive and determination are key to their success to date. They approach tasks with a vision complimented with a can do, goal orientated, approach and gear their activities and commitments to suit the clients needs. They pride themselves with a reactive response.

Some of our Services

Business Planning

Corporate Objectives
Marketing Strategy
Routes and Route analysis
Headcounts, Carrier schedules
Yield analysis and forecast
Budgets, Cash flows

Flight Documentation

Deferred Defects paperwork
Cabin Defect Logs
Aircraft Technical Logs
Load sheets
Flight Crew Training Records
Navigation Logs

Personnel Sourcing

Finance staff

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We provide a dynamic aviation team with a fresh and distinctive approach enabling us to react to clients needs in the most cost effective way.