CAVU Caledonia Ltd


Aircraft Dismantling (Fixed Base and Mobile)

Regardless of location our FAA-licensed and A&P mechanics professionally remove, clean, inspect, identify, record, and package our clients’ materials in accordance with manufacturer guidelines.  CAVU Aerospace offers fixed-base dismantling for those aircraft that can be flown to our facility in Stuttgart, Arkansas (KSGT), Victorville, California (KVCV), and  Roswell, New Mexico (KROW). CAVU can also provide customized mobile dismantle solutions that can save money or service an immobile aircraft.

Aircraft Recycling

Airplane recycling pertains to the process of harvesting parts and materials from end-of-service aircraft. As an active and certified board member of the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Center (AFRA), CAVU understands the green processes necessary to comply with industry standards for disposing of aircraft metals and certain plastics.  We will always use environmentally friendly and sustainable practices when we dismantle an aircraft.

Aircraft Cutouts

Our skilled group of aircraft engineers can perform detailed dismantles and cut exactly where you need it. Our attention to details maximizes value of your aircraft assets.

Aircraft Shrink Wrapping

Your aircraft is an expensive asset that you need to protect.  Shrink wrapping provides protection from corrosion from environmental pollutants as well as keeping nosy eyes away.  At CAVU Aerospace, our team of expert technicians can customize shrink wrap for your aircraft. This is ideal for short- and long-term storage applications.

Aircraft Salvage

CAVU’s aircraft salvage team is made up of competent and skilled mechanics that work diligently to recover valuable assets. We always practice safety, work efficiently and effectively to destinations both desirable and undesirable to accomplish the amazing. Please call for estimates.