CAVU Caledonia Ltd



At CAVU Aerospace, we go beyond a simple removal tags. We deliver a complete removal system with our trademarked CAVUSmartTags® system.  We know that not all aircraft dismantles are the same.  Our system delivers real-time part manifests, part number-serial number error checking and automated shipment notification.  


This level of accuracy, accessibility, and accountability is unrivaled in our industry.   Our physical tags are made of a durable polypropylene that makes them better suited to handle some of the toughest environments. Excel spreadsheets, daily downloads, and illegible handwritten tags are a thing of the past. CAVUSmartTags® create digital copies that are stored in the cloud and accessible at any time or downloadable in bulk. Additionally, all dismantled aircraft parts that use CAVUSmartTags® can be measured to make sure CAVU meets its contractual requirements.


Based on our innovative approach for dismantling, we created CAVUSmartBids™, which is a proactive system to allow for removed material to be reverse auctioned for sale or for repair services.  This is another example of our team increasing value for your operation at the point of dismantle.


In order to further support rapid response for material handling we have strategic partnerships to proactively get your material to your dock in the shortest amount of time.


We do what it takes to get your aircraft in flight ready condition on time and within your budget.  From A-Checks to C and D checks, our experienced technical team provides full visibility MRO services into all aspects of aircraft maintenance checks.